Tsunade’s Obscene Jail

It is obvious that the issue the jinchuuriki with nine tails has grown quite serious as Naruto’s friends will use one of the most ultimate ways to solve it : they’ll try to get him to do it literally! First attempt is conducted by Hinata, and if she fails, Sakura and Lady Tsunade can help.

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Hinata Entertains her Guests (Naruto)

Busty beauty named Hinata decided to unwind to have a sexual relations. However, in her crazed thoughts, an idea came up to try inter-sex. Hinata is able to invite two black guys to accompany her and then makes them strip. These black stallions are huge sausage-eating porcupines. Will busty Hinata be able to take on these stallions? Or will blacks will fuck Hinata into her tight, pink holesbringing her to multiple gasps.

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[Karakishi Youhei-dan Shinga] Nanahan no Himatsubushi (Naruto)

Another tale of the young ninjas from Konoha village and their tough physical training. Yet don’t worry – not everyting is so bad as you may think of it and on one of the pink-haired beauties Sakura Harunoyou will be able to see how one ninja can get through a full program of training – including training in sucking, training in Fucking, and training to serve two guys at once…

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PM11 ~In Nin Dorei~

The majority of Konoha Village girls (yeap it’s “Naruto Shippuden”) are tough, but in this parody comics they will be seen from a different point of view. They’ll become hot and obedient fuckslaves that will be used in many disgusting or sexually abrasive ways. The girls featured comprise Sakura, Hinata, Tusnade andmany other!

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[psyclopathe)]]CM – manga commission R18(Naruto]

Hot and gorgeous blonde is seeking an enormous and hard and cock. This is a pretty classic porn story which is a great idea to use in the genre of hentai parodyas well! Meet Ino Yamanaka, the Fourth Hokage of “Naruto Shippuden” and discover how they bring this classic porn story to life in only the pages.

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Giroutei \”Ru\” no Kan

Ninja training can be difficult at times… But would you possibly imagine that in addition to being tough, it could also be very sexually attractive? You’ll get the idea if you want to see the action. Take a look at this parody comic. Some characters such as Lady Tsunade Shizune, Temari, Sakura, and Temari will remind you that they are not only ninjas but also women with particular needs.

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Tsunade no Insettai (Spanish)

Naruto Hentai Porn DoujinshiNaruto Hentai Porn Doujinshi (more…)

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Naruto Pornography Story: The doctor – part 1

Naruto Pornography Story: The doctor – part 1

So, Ms. Senju, you’ve probably been wondering when we’d get to the part of the tour where you actually get to see your new office”, said Vice Principal Jirayia Gamahori. With a slight chuckle, the new nurse nodded her head in agreement. Such a shame that the tour has to end, thought Jirayia. But at least I’ll get to see this hot piece of ass any day I want. He giggled perversely in his mind and unlocked the door to the new nurse’s office. Just this day the maintenance crew had added her name to the door: “Head Nurse – Tsunade Senjuu”. He motioned Tsunade into her new office. The High School was a rather small one, with just around 400 students, the office was moderate inside. To the right, was Tsunade’s desk. There was a few chairs set against the opposite wall, and to the rear left was the entrance to the “sick” room, where students would go to lay down if they weren’t feeling well. In the rear of the office, separated by a curtain, was the examination room. Through a door in the right side of the office lay the bathroom. Jirayia turned around to watch the pretty young nurse walk into the office. She was fairly tall, standing at about five-foot-ten. She was dressed in conservative clothes, appropriate for a school, but he could still make out her shapely figure, especially around the chest area. …to be continued!

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Hinata and big boobs

Hentai Video: Hinata and big boobs

Slutty girls from Naruto are ready for it, ready for non-stop fucking action, ready to suck, to be pumped and to squirt! Seductive Eliza Pinchley with plump tits getting fucked hard and taking a big load into her mouth and getting herself a sting of manly pearls. Let’s follow the example of a slut from Naruto that is getting pumped directly on the cobblestones when she was shopping a couple of minutes ago…

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Mabui looks pretty red-hot when naked!

Naked Naruto Pics

Hentai Picture: Mabui looks pretty red-hot when naked!
A plenty of Naruto steadys’ boobies lolloping at hard penis pushes and the most modest icons that grow into sexual knick-knackeries! Bosomy babe from Naruto is hopping under heavy pussy assault here in the post. Being bored with her being a nice babe, Rin receives a dick in her head after getting her asshole pumped and oozes cum from her both holes.

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