Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch5

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s salary methods ch5

Naruto woke up from a good night sleep waking up before the sun was close to coming out. He got up from his bed and went to take a shower for today’s new adventure. He came out with a towel around his waist and his dirty clothes in his hand. Clean as he can be he put on some clothes and also his shoes. Leaving the room a mess he left out the door and closing it after him. He yawned and stretched himself.

Looking up at the sky as the stars were clearly still out he made his move and walked out of the spring hotel and into the road to the country. He walked in the gates and into the streets of Demon Country. Barely seeing people and only shop owners putting their tents up for the day he kept on walking straight to Shion’s place hoping she is actually there. Seeing the gates of her huge place he saw guards out front.

“Fuck… think I’ll just go around undetected. I want to get out of here as soon as possible and closer to Konoha.” He dashed to the right before he came into sight by the guards or watch towers. Running past trees he finally made it to the side of the place and decided to get in through there.

He jumped over the fence and landed in a pool area. He looked around to see if he was seen. “*Sigh* that was easy… now where am I?” he said as he looked at the pool with fishes inside it. Seeing a reflection on the water of a person he looked up and saw the first person he wanted to see.

He jumped over the pool and quietly landed behind her without her knowing it. He walked slowly behind her and whispered. “Hey Shion.”

She quickly turned around scarred of who it was and saw him there with a smile. “Naruto! Your mmm!” She screamed as he put his hand to cover her mouth and took her in between the buildings.

“Sorry but I came here undetected so try not to be loud.” And took his hand off her mouth.

She looked around. “I’m so glad to see you how’s it been?” She asked.

“Uh well you know… bad.” He said.

“Why what’s wrong?” She said.

“Well here’s the thing…” He started scratching his head. “… I was wondering if you would let me borrow some money you know… since you being a princess and all.” He said not even looking at her.

Shion giggled. “Silly I’m not a princess I’m a priestess. I don’t have much money.”

Naruto looked at her as if she was speaking gibberish. Then it came to him. “Aw fuck!” He said as he hit himself in the forehead. “I’m a fucking idiot… then if you’re a priestess who was I thinking of then who is a princess?” He thought it over. “…Koyuki!”

He looked at Shion and said. “Well thanks anyways but I gotta go.” He said as he turned around.

Shion grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. “Don’t leave. At least let me repay you with something even better than money.” She said as she pushed him more back into the buildings. She pushed him up against the wall and got down on her knees. She unzipped him and stopped to look around.

She took out his dick and started stroking it getting it erect. Naruto already liked where this was going. Shion starts jacking him off and getting him bigger. She licked the tip and pulled back.

She looked around to see if anybody was near then she looked up at him and said. “Keep an eye out. Tell me if you see anybody near.” She said as she started sucking his dick. She had a hold of it with one hand while she sucked the tip of it while looking up at him not able to look if anybody saw them. Naruto looked down at her and then to the side.

Shion kept on sucking it then she went deeper and started to go faster on him. Naruto grabbed her hair and pushed her down more so she can get deeper. “Keep that up baby!” He said as now Shion was totally focused on his penis feeling it get hotter in her mouth.

“AW crap they saw us!” He said. Shion eyes turned wide and quickly took him out of her mouth and looked to see if anybody caught her sucking his dick. Nobody was there and turned back to Naruto and looked up at him

“You liar no…” She stopped as she started to get cum on her face. She closed her eyes and let it all get on her. Naruto stopped cumming and Shion opened her eyes. “Wow what a surprise.” She said as she started to wipe it off her face. She saw a little on his tip and sucked it off.

She got up and looked at him. “Sucks you have to go now though.” Sad that he had to leave.

“What? Are you crazy? Not after this, you got me started already. Let’s finish it.” He said as he pushed her against the wall.

“Naruto I really want to get fucked but don’t you think they will see us? Or hear me?” She said.

“Let’s just go with it for now. All the excitement of us getting caught gets me hornier.” He said as he gets on his knees. “Push your whole body against the wall and put your arms up too.”

Shion got closer to the wall and put her hands up. Then she looked back at him to see what he was doing.

Naruto looked up at her and told her. “Try not to be so loud.” He said as he grabbed her hips and pulled her pants down including her panties. Seeing her thick thighs and bare white ass he slapped it once seeing it jiggle in front of him. “Damn shake it for me.” He said.

Shion started shaking her waist as her ass wiggled in front of him. “Yeah that’s what I like.” He said as he grabbed her cheeks spreading them and started to lick her pussy. Feeling it wet he dug his face in deeper and licked more of her pussy.

“Naruto mmm… calm down.” She said as he kept on licking her. Naruto moved his hand around her leg and into her pussy sliding down to her vagina feeling her hairs. He felt her pussy and started fingering it.

“Oh god Naruto. Don’t stop baby. I’m feeling it.” She said as she squinted her eyes trying to hold it in. “My pussy is getting hot!” She said as she started to cum slowly. “AWW GOD!” She let go of holding it in as more juice came out. Hearing her orgasm and feeling her wetter Naruto licked faster but stopped fingering her. Her legs were starting to shake as waves of more pleasure came to her and more cum came out.

Naruto already feeling her juices all over his lips he pulled back. Seeing her stop shaking he saw some cum in between her thighs and started licking it from the bottom up her legs and back into her pussy. “Your pussy taste great Shion, and your skin is so soft.

Naruto gets up and drops his pants off but not taking them off just in case somebody saw them he can quickly dash for it. He pushes her back against the wall some more and he tells her to put her hands back up again. Naruto grabs her by the waist with both hands and tries to guide his tip toward her pussy. Feeling it wet he entered his tip and then slowly entered her wholly.

“You’re so big Naruto.” She whispered to him.

“I know thanks… oh and a heads up for later try to hold in your screams as much as you can got it?” He said as he pulled out.

She nodded her head and Naruto started thrusting in slowly. Feeling that all was going well he let go of her waist and lay his hands on top of hers against the wall. Now he can enter her more fully since his arms weren’t in the way.

“This feels good. You like that baby? Huh you like that?” He said as he started bucking her ass up with his penis inside of her making her ass rise each time he did.

“Oh yes don’t stop Naruto! Fuck me!” She said as Naruto started to go faster and harder.

“Oh fuck I’m about to cum.” He said as he felt her more and more tightly.

“Me too… don’t stop.” She said as in a way to help him cum faster she started to push her ass a little back.

Naruto was on the urge of shooting it out. He let go of her hands and started grabbing her breast. Feeling it fit perfectly in the palm of his hands he squeezed them and massaged them roughly in circular movements.

“AH god Naruto… please don’t AH AH YES!” She said as she finally came inside again. Her juices quickly ran through and around his penis covering every inch and coming out of her and down to his genitals.

“AW FUCK!” He said as he too came inside of her. He laid his head down on her shoulder and pushed himself in deeper to fill her up.

Naruto pulled out of her and backed off so she can turn around. Shion turned around slowly and saw Naruto there in front of her. She looked down at his dick to see it limped but covered in both their juices. She walks up to him and gets on her knees again.

“I want to know how it tastes.” She said as she grabbed his penis and placed it in her mouth. She started sucking it pushing her head back and forth letting her tongue under his shaft. She even started moving it around her mouth as she pushed the tip against her cheek.

Naruto looked down at her amazed what a priestess can do.

Shion slid him out of her mouth and looked up at him. “I know what you’re thinking.” She said as she took of the rest of her clothing. Naruto saw what he wanted her nice round tits and a very nice nipples standing out.

She grabbed her breast together rising them up so he can get a better look at them. Naruto grabbed his penis and raised it up so it was pointing up. She scooted closer and placed his dick in between her soft breast. Feeling it fit perfectly between her tits she started stroking his dick with her tits.

Naruto loved the feeling of it. Her breast was soft making it easy to slid through.

“This feels great I’m gonna cum.” He said.

Little bits of shots starting coming out. She stopped and waited for him to finish. Naruto grabbed his dick and started cumming on her chest and in between too them too.

“We are not finished. This is just to lube it up so you can go faster.” He said as he finished and placed himself up again right in front of her face. Shion rubbed his cum all over her tits and then grabbed his penis placing it again between her tits.

This time it slid through faster as she felt it too and started moving faster. She looked up at Naruto to see if he was enjoying it.

Naruto looked down at her then looked up as a wave of pleasure was coming in. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He said as a huge load came shooting out getting her in the neck. She stopped and let go of her breast while naruto came on them.

Finishing up he looked at her. “Turn around and get on all fours.” He said to her.

Shion turned herself around and looked back at him.

“Now raise your ass up in the air.” He said.

Shion lifted her ass up and Naruto grabbed her by the side of her thighs. He shoved his dick up her ass even though it was still limp.

Shion looked back at him. “Naruto try not to be rough.” She said.

Naruto started thrusting feeling her warm inside. His penis started to get erect taking up more room. Shion too felt it as it went in deeper.

“Fuck your ass is tight.” He said as he grabbed it tighter and started thrusting in crazy.

“OH GA GOD NA RU TOH!” She said as he went harder now ramming his dick up her ass. Although they were both holding in their screams of pleasure you can clearly hear his sack hitting her as he thrusted faster.

“UH UH I’M CUMMINGUH! I’M CUMMING NARUTO! UHHOOH GOD!” She screamed as she started cumming slowly. Naruto kept on thrusting till he too came. Feeling the tightness of her ass from her having an orgasm gave him a very familiar urge.

“Shit! Here I cum!” He said as he blew his load into her ass.

He stopped ramming her and let it all flow out filling her up. A while passed and he pulled out letting Shion get up on her feet.

Shion looked at him. Exhausted on what they just did between two buildings and surprised that no one even heard them yet. Excited that this is her first time getting fucked and the fact that it was outdoors gave her more energy.

“Naruto can you lay on your back for me?” She said nicely.

Naruto nodded his head and grabbed his clothes together to make a pillow and lay down using his clothes as a cushion for his head.

Shion walked around him till she was in front of his legs. Naruto spread his legs lightly while she turned around. She walked a little back and then crouched down. Naruto grabbed his penis as she lowered down. Feeling his penis between her legs she stopped and placed her right hand on his hip bone and the other on hand on his other hip bone.

Feeling erect already Naruto entered her pussy and Shion started to move up and down by pushing herself up with her hands.

Naruto grabbed onto her hips and helped her move as he entered her more and more in.

“Oh yeah! This feels great.” She said as she went up and down.

Naruto started to push up helping her out. Shion started to go faster making her tits jump up and down wanting Naruto to grab them as they went out of control.

“Fuck! Aw fuck!” She screamed.

She stopped and pulled him out of her vagina. She leaned forward getting on all fours and raised her pussy up. Naruto lifted his head to see what she was doing and got a total view of her pussy.

Knowing what to do he grabbed her upper thigh and lowered her down to his dick as he slowly entered her. Feeling him slid up inside Shion wiggled her ass. Naruto got the message and moved her thighs together up and down gliding his penis around her inside.

“Fuck me.” She said as she stopped moving giving him the control.

Naruto started moved her thighs faster and looked up getting a great view of her back and her pussy as he fucked it. Naruto loved it but knew this was not his best.

He stopped. “Sorry but let me get up. You just stay like that.” He said.

Naruto got out of the position and stood up to stretch his body. He looked around to see that time flew by and the sun was already out. But no matter what he is about to do won’t make a diffirence.

Naruto got on his knees and spread her legs apart giving him room to enter his knees in together. He entered her pussy and placed his hand on her back while the other on her ass.

He started ramming her pussy surprising her that by him doing that they might hear them.


Naruto didn’t pay attention and sped up hitting her harder. Pounding her pussy like he did to Konan making her tit sway as he pushed in and out.

“AH AH AH!” She moaned out loud she couldn’t hold in her screams.

Naruto looked at her back. “It’s alright Shion. Scream it out! Let them hear you!” He said as he moved his hand from her back and to her left breast grabbing it.

“AH AH AH FUCK AH! FUCK ME! AH AH!” She moaned out loud.

Naruto kept on ramming her. Hearing soldier’s move around trying to find the noise he went faster.

“OH GOD! NARUTO I’M CUMMING! AH AH AWWW FUCK!” She screamed as she came again a whole load flowing out of her.

Feeling her juices he too was on the urge.

“AH CUM IN ME BABY! AH!” She said as she went tighter on him after her orgasm.

“Fuck this is it! Arrgh!” He screamed as he blew his load out.

“AW FUCK!” She screamed feeling it run all through her.

Naruto didn’t pull out until he finished. He stood up and grabbed both of their clothes. He helped her get up and told her to change. She did immediately as did Naruto. When she finished she saw Naruto all done he jumped up on the roof and dashed out of the palace.

Starring up at the roof she lay dumbfounded on why he would run out. Then she heard voices.

“Shion-sama are you alright?” A troop of guards asked her. Now she knew why.

“Yes I am I heard a noise and thought it came from hear.” She said trying to act innocent.

“Are you alright?” He asked again.

“Yes why?” She asked did they think she was delusional.

“Well your face is sweaty and you look real tired. Maybe it’s best to leave the search to us why’ll you go get rest inside.” He said.

“Yes maybe it is.” Shion walked out between the buildings feeling uncomfortable as her whole body was sweaty and feeling his cum slide down her legs as she walked. A good shower would do just fine.

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