Naruto Pornography Story: sakura and Tsunade

Naruto Pornography Story: sakura and Tsunade

One day Tsunade called Sakura to come and se her in the hokage room.Sakura came there ready for orders when sudenly Tsunade grabbed her and torn of her clothes.Then she did a lot of hand sings and her hands started to shrink and golw blue.She then reached in to Sakura’s pussy and after a minute pulled out a cock.Sakura started to yeal at Tsunade.To make her quiet Tsunade started to suck her cock. Soon Sakura gave in to the pleasure and started to enjoy it.Then Tsunade untied Sakura’s hands and then Sakura asked Tsunade if she wants to do the 69 and Tsunade said yes they did it for 1 hour and then Sakura fucked Tsunade doggy style for 4 hours they cumed 10 times while fucking.Then Tsunade wanted to clean Sakura’s cock by giving her a blowjob. Just when Tsunade started sucking Sakura’s cock Ino walked into the room.


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